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Santas on the Porch with gifts

St. Paul’s Homecoming Center is a Hurricane Katrina Recovery Center that assists residents in the rebuilding of their homes and lives.  Read more about what we do.


We have helped homeowners, churches and other community groups recover from Katrina. 
What can we do for you ?

Photo Collage Poster in Homecoming Center Office "We Love Our Volunteers"

We need volunteers to help with:

  • landscaping,
  • painting,
  • yard work, and
  • non-skilled rebuild projects
  • skilled rebuild projects



If you are interested in volunteering with us please fill out our Volunteer Form.

If you want to make a donation, please fill out our  Donation Form.

or Call us at 504 644-4125

    Our Ministry "By the Numbers" 
       Here is the help we have given. We show two separate totals 
       This Year: January-October 2012.   Total: 2012- August 2012

2012 Ministry by numbers   TOTALS
Walk-ins   2,192
Volunteers   5,708
Notary Services   114
Case Management walk-ins\call-ins   380
Food for Seniors Distribution   860
Bingo for Seniors   305
Senior Computer Classes   135
Completed Work Orders   51
Hurricaine Isaac food deliveries    250
Total:   9,745


Foundation, Corporate and Community Partners

Alaska Airlines National Gynecological Conference
Diocese of Olympia New Orleans Convention Company
Greater New Orleans Foundation St Paul's Episcopal Church and School
Goldman-Sachs Starbucks
Hershey's Taskforce LLC
MercuryGate The Solomon Foundation

[Read More]




Case Management - We assist people in coping with issues via a personal touch through home visits and phone calls.

Senior Bingo - Third Friday of month at Edgewater Baptist - a place for seniors to come experience community, meet other seniors, have fun, and win some household necessities.

Computer Classes - Many seniors are isolated from their families due to Hurricane Katrina, so we teach them how to use computers to stay connected.

Senior Food Distribution -  Fourth Tuesday each month, our partner, Catholic Charities provides free boxes of food for qualifying seniors. Call 504-644-4125 for information on whether you qualify.                 [ Read more ]

Thank you Jose Balli!

Our Mission

The St. Paul ’s Homecoming Center is proud to serve so many in need while helping to ensure the future of the city and its amazing heritage.  Although there have been incredible successes and achievements through the Center – the work in New Orleans is still not complete. The Center’s mission to restore lives and rebuild homes must continue.  The vision for the Center is that through its services, dedicated volunteers and supporters from all over the world, New Orleans and all of its residents will be restored and renewed and able to experience the grace that God gives. Read More >>

Action Report: St. Paul's Homecoming Center hold Hurricane Sandy relief drive

Published on Dec 15, 2012 Bill Capo / Eyewitness News Email: | Twitter: @billcapo NEW ORLEANS - This week, students from Hynes and St. Dominic schools in Lakeview loaded a 53-foot long trailer with items that were donated by good Samaritans from across the city. "It's just a great thing to help out," said student Hallie Wesley. "It's always good to help because all of their stuff was taken away, so what we have we're just going to give to them." The St. Paul's Homecoming Center has been coordinating the Holiday Help for Hurricane Victims program. "I had concerns about filling... Read More >>

Fall 2011 AMMF Cohort Pays It Forward In New Orleans

  Fellows often realize that the Marshall Memorial Fellowship truly begins when their travels end:  that with the privilege of global leadership comes the obligation to remain engaged and continue to serve others.  Few emerging leaders understand this more clearly than the fellows who comprise the Fall 2011 American Marshal Memorial Fellowship cohort.  From November 9-11, 2012, this group of alumni reunited in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Against the backdrop of the city still recovering from Hurricane Katrina in 2005, 12 alumni from the Fall 2011 AMMF group—Jeff Aranoff (MI), Amir Farokhi (GA... Read More >>

Action Report: Holiday help for hurricane victims

Theirs is a sisterhood of disaster, the victims of two hurricanes who have helped others even as they struggled to recover. "It hits you, it hits you between the eyes," said Connie Uddo of the St. Paul's Homecoming Center. "How tough is it for you to watch her going through what you went through? It's very hard. I'm crying with her. I feel like we're sisters now." "I just went full force ahead, and I just felt like it was getting me through the process of helping others, and now it's like it has hit really hard," said Shaffer, in tears. With the holidays upon us, the St. Paul's Homecoming... Read More >>

Executive Director (Connie Uddo) at St. Paul's Homecoming Center on Fox and Friends - Americans 'pay it forward' Churches nationwide unite for Sandy victims

To volunteer for Sandy Recovery

To volunteer for Sandy Recovery : 1. Long Island : Bread of Life Church can house and feed 300 volunteers    Contact Bread of Life Church 832-626-7111 press 0 for operator. email 2. Donations to fill the 18 wheeler going to Long Island : Diapers, food, blankets, cleaning supplies and baby formula are needed. Clothing is not a big need Drop off is at Lakeview Christian Center Nov 16 - 18th . Truck leaves Monday 11/ 20 Lakeview Christian Center 5885 Fleur De Lis Ave New Orleans, La 70124 504-482-6221 3. Adopt a Family: click to our info Read More >>

Sandy's wrath stirs painful Katrina memories

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The chaos wrought by Superstorm Sandy, the homes tossed from foundations and landmarks buried beneath seawater, delivered a gut-wrenching dose of deja vu for survivors of Hurricane Katrina like Joe and Gloria Robert. Their own home flooded beneath 7 feet of salty water when the levees broke after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in August 2005, and they know all too well what their countrymen to the north will face: years of debris removal, cleanup, rebuilding, haggling with insurance companies, paying mortgages on homes left unlivable. And they knew they had to help. "... Read More >>

St. Paul’s Homecoming Center is asking the Community to “Give $100 of Hope to a Plaquemines Parish , LA or East Coast Family” this Thanksgiving

                                 Connie Uddo, Director                                        Ann Wills, Keating Magee                                                                                          St. Paul’s Homecoming Center is asking the Community to “Give $100 of Hope to Plaquemines Parish , LA or East Coast Family” this Thanksgiving   NEW ORLEANS (October 29, 2012)  –  St. Paul’s Homecoming Center (SPHC), a non-profit organization established post-Katrina to help New Orleans residents return and rebuild their lives... Read More >>

St. Paul's Homecoming Center sets up program for those impacted by hurricanes Isaac, Sandy

NOLA Navy Week & Super Bowl XLVII Environmental Initiatives

  Navy Sailors Join HFK to Plant Their 13,000th Tree with the NFL and the New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII Environmental Committee!  Media Contact Connie Uddo Cell:  504-415-8434 E-Mail:   WHAT: Sailors from around the world will join forces with Hike for KaTREEna to launch its Super Bowl XLVII Environmental Initiative by restoring public recreation and green spaces along Lakeshore Drive and planting its 13,000th tree! WHEN: Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 20th from 9:00am to 3:00 pm daily. "PASSING OF THE SHOVEL" Tuesday, April17th at 10:00am WHO: Hike for... Read More >>

Gentilly Community Center of Hope Basketball Camp

Sylvia and Anthony

Anthony was a 3 time purple heart Vietnam veteran, and his wife was looking forward to retirement when Hurricane Katrina struck and the levees failed.  The day Anthony was turned down for the second time by Road Home, he suffered a massive stroke. The stroke totally incapacitated Anthony, and now Sylvia was the sole caretaker, with no way to earn any income, and no way to rebuild their home. Sylvia called us for assistance, and after 2 years hard work, to rebuild their home and a lot of love and support through our case management program they moved back into their home and their lives became... Read More >>

Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints Posters

Acclaimed Pittsburgh artist Willie F. Hobbs. Hobbs was commissioned by Steelers fan Dr. Patti Arnett to create a special painting of Drew Brees, in which Drew autographed in support of this effort to be auctioned off. In addition to the autographed Drew Brees print, Hobbs will also have up for auction, an autographed original painting featuring "Steelers of New Orleans" (New Orleans' natives now playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers-Ryan Clark-#25, Mewelde Moore-#21, Ike Taylor-#24 & Mike Wallace-#17). There posters are a limited edition,  only 500 copies of the 16 x 20 prints are being... Read More >>

St Paul's Helps People Get Home

With a wide variery of services, St Paul's Homecoming Center help people recover from Hurricane Katrina.  We are a one-stop center to help people, get homes rebuilt, and rebuild our neighborhoods and communities.  With additional person-to -person services such as a Case Manager to help people with personal issues, and to navigate government and legal issues, we provide help to Hurricane Katrina victims. Read More >>

House Blessing

Putting a home and life together can be long and testing, requiring patience and perserverance from both the homeowner and the Katrina recovery team at St Paul's. We celebrate the completion of our work with a house blessing, service project, and housewarming.   Read More >>

Hope United Church

Pastor Nick called requesting volunteers to rebuild the church and Gym. We began sending volunteers, pulling grants and established a relationship with Lake Pointe Christian Church in Rockwall Texas. Lake Pointe send numerous volunteer groups and financial resources as well.  Pastor Nick's vision is becoming reality as the "Gentilly Community Center of Hope" will open November 1, 2011 . The center has indoor basketball, computers, and art for children, young adults, and seniors.  More services are planned as funds become available.   Read More >>