The Solomon Foundation

  Greator New Orleans Foundation



  Alaska Airlines:

30 Personnel assisted by laying 15 pallets of sod, planting gardens, and trees.

  Hershey's Chocolate:

100 Volunteers from Hershey's Chocolate planted 200 trees in the front yards of Lakeview residents, as well as mulching 400 newly planted trees.


70 Volunteers from Goldnam-Sachs spent an afternoon planting 200 trees on the UNO (University of New Orleans) campus. The city has also replanted over a hundred magnolia trees on the nearby Elysian Fields Boulevard.

  Mercury Gate: 

60 Volunteers from this transportation computer software company of Charlotte, North Carolina gave a day of service to Hope United Church and gym. This was an especially messy job, since they tackled cleaning out the pool, which still contained Katrina water and debris.

  National Gynecological Conference

70 doctors attending the National Gynecological conference assisted homeowners in Gentilly with painting and landscaping.  Connie Uddo got a laugh out of all the doctors when she declared them "unskilled" due to their lack of home construction experience . One of the doctors replied "Nobody has ever called us unskilled before".



St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and School
Edgewater Baptist Church
A’s and Aces Tennis/Literacy program
Rebuilding Together
Project Home Again
Hands on New Orleans
Phoenix of New Orleans
Celebration church
Annunciation Mission
Trinity Episcopal Church
Catholic Charities
Episcopal Community Services
Bayou Rebirth
Hope United Church
Serve NOLA
The Sheppard Center
Adventures In Mission
Operation Nehemiah

  NOCCI: New Orleans Convention Company,

A New Orleans convention planning group gave a morning of service painting a homeowner kitchen and bathroom.


Why trees and landscaping ?

Make our city Green
New Orleans Home with dead lawn and vegetation
To put it simply, after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans looked downright depressing.

We are known as a very green and pretty city, but not so after Katrina.  Nearly all our greenery was destroyed.  Many trees were killed by salt water, and the city looked barren and bleak. We decided that returning the city's greenery was also a priority. 

Best use of Talent

In addition, landscaping and tree planting are excellent uses of the volunteer labor. We are careful to assign approriate and satisfying work to our volunteers.  Not everyone can paint, or tile a bathroom, but we always have other, less skilled and very satisfying work to do. We value our volunteers and work hard to match the jobs to the volunteer !