Senior Services - Case Management

Senior Services - Case Management

Free Senior Services include:

Case Management:    We provide direct, personal help with mental health issues, paperwork, isolation, insurance and government forms and programs and other issues of life for senior citizens. Cathey Randolph, our Case Manager, assists seniors and residents of all ages to improve their quality of life through a special, personal touch through home visits and phone calls.

As the recovery progressed, St. Paul's began a Case Management program specifically targeted at senior citizens. We realized that senior citizens who had moved back to New Orleans faced many quality of life issues, such as depression, loss of friends and relatives, through death or relocation, financial struggles, and isolation. 

Senior Bingo: Third Friday each month, held at Edgewater Baptist - a place for seniors to come experience community, meet other seniors, have fun, and win some household necessities.

Computer Classes - Many seniors are isolated from their families due to Hurricane Katrina, so we teach them how to use computers to stay connected. And we also have a computer available at St Paul's Homecoming Center

Senior Food Distribution - Fourth Tuesday each month, our partner, Catholic Charities provides free boxes of food for qualifying seniors. Call 504-644-4125 for information on whether you qualify.


Cathey Randolph, Senior Services
Case Manager 

Phone:  504-644-4125

Senior Food Distribution

Computer Classes

Senior Pumpkin Patch: October 2011

Senior Pumpkin Patch; October 2011