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We welcome groups of all ages and sizes.  We have hosted over 60,000 volunteers since Hurricane Katrina and work very hard to ensure the volunteers a productive experience.   

Our projects provide a meaningful and for many, a life changing experience.

Service opportunity:
Homeowner Assistance\Volunteer Program - This program was designed to meet the need of the skilled and unskilled volunteer, as well as helping residents that have run out of funds to rebuild or put the finishing touches on a home.  Volunteers generally, paint inside and outside of homes, lay sod, install gardens, and hang sheetrock and insulation. Volunteers with construction skills are utilized for rebuilding projects.

Service opportunity:
Beautification Green Space Program - New Orleans lost approximately 100,000 trees to Katrina. Volunteers participate in tree plantings and/or tree maintenance projects such as mulching, trimming, etc, in neighborhoods, public parks, and thoroughfares.  This is a perfect project for those that are “green minded”! We do ask that groups help purchase trees for this project.

Volunteer Information:
We ask our volunteers to make a donation to cover cots for organizing and supervising projects. The donations also cover the cost of materials for the project.

Standard Fee:  $10 per person per day
All Donations are tax deductible

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Men Painting a house