What We Do

What We Do

We help People with Katrina Recovery

We are "boots on the ground" and ready to help to you rebuild and recover from Katrina.

Each volunteer group is matched with a project suited to their unique qualifications. When skilled construction workers are here, they may do carpentry, drywall, roofing etc. If a group of unskilled people are here to work, they might be asked to do landscaping, painting, or community-related improvements. Because of the variety of needs in our area, we are able to provide a project for any group, regardless of age or skill level - we even have families that come to New Orleans and work for a few days during their vacations.

All of our volunteers leave with a good feeling. "It can be a life changing experience to help someone else"

Our Services

Homecoming Center Services

Free Notary on Wednesdays 11 - 1
Internet and Computer Use
Use of Copy and Fax Machine
Volunteer Coordination
Assistance for all of New Orleans Residents
Take out free coffee

Senior Services

Bingo for Seniors (third Friday of every month)
Senior Food Distribution (fourth Tuesday of every month)

Case Management Services

Case manager on site to assist homeowners [ Read more ]

Katrina Recovery Services

Volunteers to help with landscaping, painting, skilled and non-skilled re-build projects.

Community Services

A's for Aces - Tutoring program for elementary school students


Awards and Recognition

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Fund Raising

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