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Katrina Recovery at St Paul's Homecoming Center

The St. Paul ’s Homecoming Center is proud to serve so many in need while helping to ensure the future of the city and its amazing heritage.  Although there have been incredible successes and achievements through the Center – the work in New Orleans is still not complete.

The Center’s mission to restore lives and rebuild homes must continue.  The vision for the Center is that through its services, dedicated volunteers and supporters from all over the world, New Orleans and all of its residents will be restored and renewed and able to experience the grace that God gives.

With a wide variery of services, St Paul's Homecoming Center help people recover from Hurricane Katrina.  We are a one-stop center to help people, get homes rebuilt, and rebuild our neighborhoods and communities.  With additional person-to -person services such as a Case Manager to help people with personal issues, and to navigate government and legal issues, we provide help to Hurricane Katrina victims.

Anthony was a 3 time purple heart Vietnam veteran, and his wife was looking forward to retirement when Hurricane Katrina struck and the levees failed.  The day Anthony was turned down for the second time by Road Home, he suffered a massive stroke. The stroke totally incapacitated Anthony, and now Sylvia was the sole caretaker, with no way to earn any income, and no way to rebuild their home. Sylvia called us for assistance, and after 2 years hard work, to rebuild their home and a lot of love and support through our case management program they moved back into their home and their lives became whole again. Anthony passed away in February 2011, but even in his dying days, he knew that his wife was back in their home and would be ok.

Pastor Nick called requesting volunteers to rebuild the church and Gym. We began sending volunteers, pulling grants and established a relationship with Lake Pointe Christian Church in Rockwall Texas. Lake Pointe send numerous volunteer groups and financial resources as well.  Pastor Nick's vision is becoming reality as the "Gentilly Community Center of Hope" will open November 1, 2011 . The center has indoor basketball, computers, and art for children, young adults, and seniors.  More services are planned as funds become available.

Putting a home and life together can be long and testing, requiring patience and perserverance from both the homeowner and the Katrina recovery team at St Paul's. We celebrate the completion of our work with a house blessing, service project, and housewarming.

Acclaimed Pittsburgh artist Willie F. Hobbs. Hobbs was commissioned by Steelers fan Dr. Patti Arnett to create a special painting of Drew Brees, in which Drew autographed in support of this effort to be auctioned off. In addition to the autographed Drew Brees print, Hobbs will also have up for auction, an autographed original painting featuring "Steelers of New Orleans" (New Orleans' natives now playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers-Ryan Clark-#25, Mewelde Moore-#21, Ike Taylor-#24 & Mike Wallace-#17).

There posters are a limited edition,  only 500 copies of the 16 x 20 prints are being sold. The prints are $75.00 each and proceeds will benefit the St. Paul 's Homecoming Center.  The St. Paul 's Homecoming Center is an outreach of St. Paul 's Episcopal Church and is often cited by community leaders, residents and the media as a leader in recovery efforts in New Orleans ; the center has served as a hub for countless volunteer organizations from all over the world. The Center's staff has organized over 45,000 volunteers aiding residents with demanding physical labor jobs such as house gutting, home renovation, landscaping, moving, debris pickup, and more. For more information, please contact Connie Uddo.


Navy Sailors Join HFK to Plant Their 13,000th Tree with the NFL and the New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII Environmental Committee! 

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Connie Uddo

Cell:  504-415-8434


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WHAT: Sailors from around the world will join forces with Hike for KaTREEna to launch its Super Bowl XLVII Environmental Initiative by restoring public recreation and green spaces along Lakeshore Drive and planting its 13,000th tree!

WHEN: Monday, April 16th through Friday, April 20th from 9:00am to 3:00 pm daily.

"PASSING OF THE SHOVEL" Tuesday, April17th at 10:00am

WHO: Hike for KaTREEna, St. Paul's Homecoming Center, and NOLA Navy Week Sailors.

WHERE: Lakeshore Drive, at Shelter #4 (Between Franklin Ave. and the Seabrook Bridge)

WHY: With the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee enhancements now complete, restoration of Katrina-scarred Lakeshore Drive can now begin. Sailors will be painting three large pavilions, rebuilding all picnic tables and benches, and planting 100 trees. The highlight of the week will be Tuesday's "passing of the shovel" from the Indianapolis Super Bowl XLVI Host Committee to the New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee and the celebration of planting Hike for KaTREEna's 13,000th tree.


This is also the start of Hike for KaTREEna's "47" green space initiatives for Super Bowl "47".



We do not need volunteers for this planting, but we invite everyone to come to the event and thank the sailors for their hard work to beautify our City. 


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Connie Uddo, Director

Hike for KaTREEna

St. Paul's Homecoming Center

1509 Filmore Ave.

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St. Paul’s Homecoming Center is asking the Community to

“Give $100 of Hope to Plaquemines Parish , LA or East Coast Family” this Thanksgiving


NEW ORLEANS (October 29, 2012)  –  St. Paul’s Homecoming Center (SPHC), a non-profit organization established post-Katrina to help New Orleans residents return and rebuild their lives,  is  seeking to help the hundreds of Plaquemines Parish residents whose lives continue to be impacted by Hurricane Isaac, as well as thousands more in East Coast , facing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, St Paul’s Homecoming Center is asking people across our area to consider donating $100, or about the cost of one night out at a nice restaurant, to help their fellow citizens both near and far rebuild their lives.  “While $100 can’t meet all their needs,  it is a meaningful gesture that gives a family hope”, says Connie Uddo, Director of the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center.


“We still have a waiting list of 70 families who are trying to get back on their feet right in our back yard of Plaquemines Parish ,” says Uddo and “we are also reaching out to those affected in East Coast .”  A donation of $100 will purchase a week’s groceries, much needed gas to travel back and forth to their devastated homes or help purchase basic, personal care items or cleaning supplies for their homes.  


We urge people to donate by November 15 so this relief can get to those in need by Thanksgiving.

Donations of any amount can be made online at: or mailed to St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, 1509 Filmore Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70122. Donors can designate Plaquemines Parish or East Coast when they give.  A portion of the donation is tax deductible.


“As we did post-Katrina, we are committed to bringing our neighborhood disaster recovery efforts wherever there is great need,” says Uddo. The people of Plaquemines Parish are still hurting and now residents of East Coast are faced with recovering from the effects of an epic storm.  East Coast Gov. Chris Christie stated today, the damage to East Coast from Hurricane Sandy is “beyond anything I ever thought I’d see”.  “Should individuals decide to “adopt-a-family” in lieu of an expensive dinner, or a week’s worth of fast food, we hope that this will serve as a teachable moment for many families across our community about giving thanks by giving back.”



In September 2006, the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, under the guidance of Director, Connie Uddo, was opened to provide the post-Katrina community with volunteer help, housing, tools, computer access, a wash-a-teria, Road Home assistance, case managers, mental health counselors, welcome baskets, community barbeques, bottomless cups of coffee and a shoulder of support.   In January, 2009,  St. Paul’s Homecoming Center moved to the flood-damaged neighborhood of Gentilly, where it continues to help hundreds of residents return and rebuild their lives. For more information on the St. Paul’s Homecoming Center, visit .